32'Lyænes Gaff Cutter 1993

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The Lynaes vessels are characterized by their very bluff bows, almost symmetrical, double ended hull shape and high beam/length ratios. Traditionally they as well as fishing in the open sea, the vessels were also used for duck-hunting and spearing eels in more sheltered waters. A measure of their success as they were later adopted by Swedish light house and pilot crews as the safest boat for their work, so seaworthy were the boats. The Lynaes boats provided the basis for a larger vessel known as the Isefjord boat which Paul Henrik closely resembles. With an eye on the traditional spirit of these boats Paul Henrik was carefully handcrafted in Denmark 1993. Paul Henrik is offered in absolutely sound condition and is fully equipped as a seaworthy and strong sailor.
EURO 165.000,00
Reference 18212
Builder Henik Jensen Fåborg
Year 1993
Type Clinker-built Lyænes Gaff Cutter
Design Henik Jensen Fåborg
L.o.a. 9.90 m
Beam 3.95 m
Draft 1.55 m
Accommodation Traditionally simple but cozy and functional. With six sleeps in total and a complete head room and galley. A V-shaped berth in the bow section, storage and toilette around the mast step and to bunks on each side in the saloon. Space for navigation and galley next to the companion way.
Engine Volvo penta MD22 diesel, 60hp, three-bladed bronze prop
Flag Germany
Location North Germany
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